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Garden Wedding in the City

Located within the Klang Valley, amidst serene and lush greens, A-Park is easily accessible. Coming off the main road and into this exclusive area well-tended, you are transported into a place where things immediately feel right in every way. Where better than here to make that promise of love to each other and prove if for a beautiful lifetime?

Plan Your Wedding

Hosting a garden wedding at A-Park is a breeze. Just contemplate the size of your guest list, then select a dining package to get the ball rolling!

Food & Beverage

Select from the dining packages available and let us know if you would like us to add flavours that are uniquely you to the menu.

Wedding Décor

The awe-inspiring sprawling green gardens and tranquil lakes at A-Park provide a naturally charming atmosphere for memorable events.



RM 36,000 /500pax

Silver Package
Gold Package
Platinum Package


  • We feel relieved to get our reception over with much satisfaction. Decoration arrangement, catering, emcee and cake, best of all overnight stay at Lake House and glass house with late check- out. Everything was worthy of praise from our family and guests. So keep it up with on-going way of your service. Hope to see you again for future events, InsyaAllah.
    Puan Sonia, 30 Mar 2019
  • Bg pihak fmly sy semua sy nk ucapkn byk2 Terima kasih atas job well done dr a park. The service was prompt efficient dn timing was perfect. Job well done tq. Ramai tamu yg puji tempat dn persediaan dr pihak a park.
    Encik Razali, 16 Feb 2019
  • Ribuan terima kasih pada Nadiah & semua crew A-Park diatas perkhidmatan yang diberikan sepanjang majlis perkahwinan Syadea & Sufyan
    Encik Badrul, 27 Jan 2019
  • Thank you Nadiah & Azri for your great assistance. Really appreciate it.
    Diana Manan, 5 Jan 2019
  • Tempat jamuan tersusun dan kemas, tandas bersih, surau bersih dan selesa, pelamin cantik dan rumah pengantin teramat cantik dan selesa serta layanan mesra berbudi bahasa cara timur oleh pihak A-Park.
    Farah Atikah, 8 Dec 2018
  • My guests were really happy and complimented the food and the place.
    Dato Rosli, 2 Dec 2018
  • Kami suami isteri dan pengantin baru mengucapkan jutaan terima kasih atas kerjasama dan segala macam bentuk bantuan yang Cik Nadia berikan kepada kami demi menjayakannya majlis Lokman Hakim dan Dayang Nurfarahanin Sabtu lalu.
    Encik Zul , 1 Dec 2018
  • Tq Fiza for all your support . Decor was lovely. Pelamin was beautiful . Everything looked simple, fresh & gorgeous amongst d natural surroundings!
    Datin Mai, 11 Nov 2018
  • A Park terbaik lah...Makanan pun sedap...sampai sekarang orang puji...Tempat cantik..makan sedap!! Thanks Nadia n Team...
    Puan Rozee, 13 Oct 2018
  • Our heartfelt Thank You to the both of you as well as your A-Team for making our son, Adam and DiL, Faridah’s wedding reception weekend so special. It was wonderful having all of our family and friends there together. We have given A-Park, excellent reviews to our family & friends.
  • Semua kawan2 saya terpegun dengan Keindahan susun atur A-Park. Kecekapan Nadia & team dalam menguruskan event saya dengan penglibatan mininum amat saya hargai. Semua makanan semasa nikah dan resepsi sedap-sedap belaka. Tahniah Nadia & Team Pengurusan A-Park
    Encik Zabaha , 28 April 2018
  • Setakat yang kak hadiri dah beratus tempat secara jujurnya ni antara yg terbaik . Sampai ada feedback ada anak-anak enjoy & tak nak balik. Berbanding tempat lain anak-anak mereka boring & nak cepat balik.
    Puan Maziha, 7 April 2018

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