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Garden Wedding

If you are looking for a truly unique location for your special day, then you have come to the right place. Nestled in the heart of a private estate, A-Park offers you a breath-taking garden wedding venue boasting privacy, tranquillity and spectacular surroundings.

Planning Your Wedding

Hosting your garden wedding at A-Park is the easiest thing to do. Firstly, start with the size of your guest list. Then have a run through the packages we have on offer and pick one most suited to your requirements.

Let us know your theme, special requests or additions, and we will take care of the rest. The list of all the services we offer is too long to include, so feel free to enquire. If you prefer, we can work on the nitty-gritty directly with your representative or your wedding planner.

garden wedding malaysia
garden wedding malaysia

Food & Beverage

Make your selection from the dining packages available and share your thoughts on anything else you might want to add to the menu. Chances are, we can accommodate. Primarily catering to garden wedding needs, we occasionally curate our menus to compliment corporate events or large family gatherings. BBQs can be organised as an add-on to all dining packages.

Wedding Décor

At A-Park, the awe-inspiring and sprawling green gardens and tranquil lakes provide a naturally charming background for your event. All this is seamlessly paired with modern facilities and amenities for your comfort and ease.

Take your time and scroll through the photos. We have so many garden wedding themes for you to choose from – and we do mix and match too. Tell us what you think and we will endeavour to make it a reality!

garden wedding malaysia

Garden Wedding Packages

Consider the size of your guest list and choose from our existing packages. Feel free to discuss with us possible variations and additions to what is readily on offer. Some couples opt to host a joint-reception. While this is an excellent way to have the families meet and mingle, it is crucial to be mindful of actual numbers. After all, you do want everyone to go home well and adequately fed, and happy!

Other Services On Request

Besides those inclusive in the packages offered, we also accommodate special service requests and special-order items, at a nominal fee, subject to availability and suitability.

Customised Tentage
Tables & Chairs
AV Display
Sound & Light
Master of Ceremony
Bridal Entrance
Children's Play Area

Send Us Your Enquiry

We would love to hear from you. Get in touch with us now, and together, we can start working on your special day right away!

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