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Other Events

A-Park, a privately owned and well-maintained garden area within the Klang Valley is the perfect location for a variety of outdoor events. From glamourous garden weddings to the quirky and adorable, from thoughtful corporate award events to fun-filled annual festive events and elaborate family gatherings, if you are looking to host an event to remember, we can create something to suit.

Corporate Event

A-Park is conveniently located near major highways and is reasonably within easy reach of key transportation routes. There is ample parking space on site; additionally, buggy service is available. To host an outdoor team-building workshop, a CSR event, a charity auction, an awards ceremony, a corporate holiday celebration event, a products and services fair, or an educational event, look no further.

In the gardens and open spaces you can also host outdoor games and sports, film and movie showings, as well as barbecues and picnic-style dining, among others.

Call us today to set a date. Let us show you how we can help you host an impactful event that drives your message home every time.

event venue kuala lumpur
event venue kuala lumpur

Festive Event

Besides garden weddings, we organise personalised private events, dressing up the space of your choice to create the perfect atmosphere for your event. Whether it is a Chinese New Year celebration, Aidilfitri, Deepavali, Christmas, an understated BBQ get-together or an English afternoon tea – we are dedicated to providing you with the very best.

We are committed to ensuring your event is everything you imagine it to be, and more. We will work with you on your theme of choice, or brainstorm with you for one that works like a charm!

Custom Event

Whether you are looking to host an intimate event, a product launch, a glamorous dinner or a most romantic garden wedding reception for up to 1,200 guests (or more), A-Park is well experienced in hosting a variety of events. We understand that every event is unique – as it should be! In terms of suitable entertainment for your event, you can leave that to us too. We provide most types of musical entertainment from the classics to modern day favourites.

Our meticulous attention to detail, superb catering and friendly service will ensure your event is worth remembering for years to come.

event venue kuala lumpur

Let’s get to it!

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